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Guitar Lessons in Oakville

A curriculum designed to capture your imagination and to stay with you for a lifetime.

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Guitar Lessons for Kids

Guitar lessons your child will enjoy

Build interest in a positive learning environment that encourages self expression and builds confidence.

Guitar Lessons for Young Adults

No doubt about it guitars are cool.

Learning paths for budding rocks stars or the academically minded classical guitarists. 

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Guitar Lessons for adults

Have you always wanted to learn guitar?

Seeking new experiences? Balancing a busy schedule?  Our Blended learning model will  accommodate your  busy schedule. You can choose between in person or skype guitar lessons, on weekly or a la carte basis. You can also supplement with online instructional content  (video, lesson, quizzing). More about Blended Learning below.

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Stan Olejarz

Founder and Educator

Hello and Welcome! My name is Stan Olejarz. A professional guitarist and guitar teacher, founder and instructor at Oakville Guitar Academy, a music school that offers expert guitar instruction to students of all levels and ages.

My mission as an educator is to help students gain independence on the guitar; to instill in them a deep, meaningful, lasting understanding and appreciation of music and provide them with the proper environment for personal growth. If you were to ask me what’s the one constant that I have experienced over my 30 year teaching career I would say that music learning must be enjoyed to be effective. Therefore I take into consideration each student’s unique musical interests, aptitude, and level of commitment when designing their personal learning path. While each student requires a unique learning path, the broad mission of all my teaching is to create competent musicians by incorporating proven pedagogy and methods.

Private guitar lessons take place either in-your home at a scheduled weekly time, at a private home studio in an on demand frequency, or via a weekly or on demand Skype call.  

Adult and high school-aged students have the option to supplement private lessons with a blended learning path.  Blended learning combines private lessons with online learning. Students control the time, pace, and place of their learning. A perfect fit for any adult!

Whether you’re picking up the guitar for the first time, fine tuning existing skills or rediscovering your passion, I’m here to help you along the way.

Oakville Guitar Academy Experience

Lessons and Courses

  • Fulltime Experienced Teacher
  • Engaging Lessons
  • Diverse and Individualized Guitar Lessons
  • Classical, Rock, Acoustic, etc
  • Royal Conservatory Exam Preparation
  • Fast and Effective Progress
  • Rock Solid Foundation
  • Big Picture Approach


  • Email/text reminder on day of your lesson
  • Online Calendar
  • Fair Lesson Cancelation Policy
  • Regular Weekly or a la Carte Lessons
  • Choose from 30, 45, or 60 minute lessons

Show me Results

  • Assessment Tools to Clarify Progress
  • Quarterly Progress Reports
  • Weekly Assessment of Practice
  • Musical Milestones are acknowledged
  • Musical Breakthroughs are acknowledged
  • Certificate of Accomplishment Awards

Online Learning

  • Many Resources to enhance learning
  • Video, Audio, Articles, etc
  • Quizzes to check for understanding
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Performances Ops

  • Festivals and Competitions
  • Recitals